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Introducing Full Swing

At Full Swing, we excel in managing Big Data, offering comprehensive services encompassing data warehousing, migrations, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipeline development, support, operations, testing, and documentation. With our expertise in data engineering, we ensure seamless integration, efficient processing, and insightful analysis of your data assets.

Our commitment extends beyond mere execution; we take pride in offering holistic data engineering solutions from initial problem comprehension to project completion. We value thought leadership, engaging closely with our clients to understand their needs thoroughly.

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate strong partnerships with our clients, collaborating closely to drive their business growth forward.

Industries & Technologies We are Most Familiar With

Disclaimer: We are most familiar with the technologies listed below and are not limited to them.

Data Services

  • Data Ingestion & Integration
  • Data Warehousing & Lakes
  • Pipeline Development
  • Database Management
  • Big Data Processing
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Monitoring & Logging
  • Cataloging & Metadata
  • Cloud Data Solutions
  • Visualization & Reporting
  • ML & AI Integration
  • Consulting & Strategy


  • Business Intelligence
  • Finance
  • Ecommerce
  • Human Resources

Data Tools

BI Tools
Ab Initio

Cloud Services
GCP (Google Cloud Provider)
AWS ( Amazon Web Services)

Visualization Tools
Power BI

Programming Languages

Data Warehousing and Databases

What Makes Us Different?

We're proud to offer our expertise gained from hands-on experience working at companies like Meta, where we've tackled some of the biggest data challenges.

We're committed to staying updated with the latest technologies and are flexible in adapting to various tech stacks, ensuring our solutions remain versatile across different languages and tools.

We collaborate closely with our clients to thoroughly understand and define the problem, providing implementation, testing, and necessary support even after the problem is solved.


Years of experience

Meet Our principal Engineer

Meet Surbhi, the driving force behind Full Swing. With over a decade of engineering experience, she brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for innovation to every project.

Her data engineering journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Systems Design Engineering from the esteemed University of Waterloo.

Following that, she embarked on a rewarding career path, spending over eight years at Meta (formerly known as Facebook). During her tenure there, she served as a software engineering lead within the business intelligence team, contributing significantly to product growth and development.

Her most recent endeavor involved collaborating with Cruise Automation, where she played a crucial role in building their data warehouse infrastructure.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and turn your vision into reality.

My Past work

Learn more about my experiences and learnings.

My Journey Into Engineering

Insights from My Career Expedition

Building Scalable Data Sensitive Pipelines: From Oracle to Vertica and Beyond

My experience of being a data engineer for the revenue analytics team at Meta

Client Recommendations

Brent Faville - Senior Manager, People Analytics & Workforce Planning

Surbhi was brought on as a data engineering solutions consultant at Cruise for about 8 months, from June 2023 to early February 2024, to help us improve our data infrastructure for the People Analytics and Insights team that I lead.

Surbhi did a fantastic job in the role. She integrated data from various HR data systems such as Workday, Greenhouse, and VNDLY, creating smooth data consolidation. She also transformed a data lake for our recruiting data into a data warehouse, improving accuracy and code reusability, and laying the groundwork for future system migration. She designed data models to streamline communication between engineers and analysts.

In addition, Surbhi implemented a structured sprint system using agile methodologies, providing clear team updates and effective progress tracking. She produced thorough documentation for all tasks and was an effective communicator and collaborator. She also worked with cross-functional teams, including managers and analysts, to ensure successful project outcomes.

Surbhi did great work for our team, and I would highly recommend her!

Tulasi Abbineni - Senior Data Engineering Manager

I’d like to acknowledge Surbhi’s remarkable 8+ years at Meta (formerly Facebook). I had the pleasure of being her manager during the early years of her career, where she played a key role as a data engineer on the business intelligence team. Surbhi later expanded her expertise to become a full-stack software engineer, supporting both internal and external products at Meta for the next five years.

During our time working together, Surbhi managed critical projects such as overseeing the monthly revenue close process in collaboration with the finance team and developing finance forecast dashboards used by Meta's senior management.

Surbhi is known for her diligence and sense of ownership in every project she takes on. She consistently sought out additional responsibilities, building strong relationships with stakeholders and using her skills to address their needs effectively. Her commitment to her work and her proactive approach made her a valued member of the team.

She’s been highly responsible, and could lean on her getting any unforeseen circumstances addressed especially during the earnings call preparations in working with finance team at fb. I personally get inspired by Surbhi’s clarity and the go get attitude! Any project taken up by her would only be the best done yet.