Full Swing

Insights from My Career Expedition

Growing up with an engineer for a father, I was always fascinated by his ability to fix things around the
house. Coupled with my natural inclination towards math and science, it was no surprise that I dreamed
of becoming an engineer myself from a young age.

The Beginning
My journey began at the University of Waterloo, where I pursued a degree in Systems Design. I was drawn
to system design projects for their emphasis on holistic problem-solving. During my time at university, I
embarked on software internships, with highlights including positions at Blackberry and Apple Inc.

Learning and Growth
Upon graduation, I received an offer to join Facebook as a Data Engineer. Although I had prior experience
in various software engineering fields, diving into the realm of data engineering was an exciting challenge.
Working at Facebook felt like a dream come true.
I was fortunate to be paired with exceptional mentors and managers from the start. My first major project
involved building a revenue forecasting model, a crucial tool used by the management team during stock
calls. Despite the pressure, I embraced the responsibility, working closely with mentors and business
partners to ensure success. Utilizing internal resources like Data Camp and online classes, I honed my
skills in tools like Hive, Hadoop, and Python coding for robust data pipelines.
As my expertise grew, I transitioned to roles that exposed me to client-facing products such as Instagram
Shopping and Facebook Ads. Through coding camps and mentorship, I evolved into a full-stack engineer,
adaptable to any project’s requirements.

Developing Full Swing
Realizing my passion for solving problems end to end, I embarked on the journey of starting my own
consulting venture. Teaming up with a former colleague from Facebook, we joined Cruise Automation in
San Francisco to spearhead the development of their data infrastructure for the People Analytics team.
Moving forward, my aim is to extend my expertise to other partners, aiding them in confronting complex
challenges head-on. I prioritize thoroughness in every phase of the engineering process, encompassing
preparation, design, implementation, testing, and handover. Beyond technical proficiency, I place great
value on nurturing meaningful relationships with my colleagues. Let’s collaborate to engineer innovative
solutions and foster success together.

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